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Let us take that off your plate. Get your international paperwork done right first time, without all the stress.

We’re in the business of making international paperwork easy.

Paperwork in your home country is usually stressful enough, but when it comes to international procedures such as getting visas, filing for an international marriage or divorce, or even adopting a child from overseas, the amount of paperwork can be overwhelming. Not to mention that it all needs to be done in another language.

It doesn’t need to be that way though. We’ve provided countless clients with translations of personal documents for all sorts of procedures and we’re confident we can help take the stress out of your upcoming application, relocation, life event, or legal proceedings.

Below is an overview of our most common document services for individuals and families, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you don’t see what you’re looking for. We’d love it if you contacted us directly and told us how we can best serve you.


Do you need documents translated for a visa application, an international marriage, a birth registration, relocation, or job application?

Are you lost as to whether your translated document needs to be certified, notarized, neither, or both? Should it be a full or partial translation? Who is legally allowed to do the translation?

We know how frustrating paperwork can be – not to mention when it all has to be done in more than one language! That’s why we aim to consistently provide the highest quality document translation services available so that your second-language paperwork can be as pain-free as possible, and you will never have to risk redoing any of it due to bad translation.

We provide translation of certificates, personal documents, application forms, and other documents you may need for submission to local authorities, embassies, or companies. We can also support your life abroad by translating information you may need to read, understand, or sign such as correspondence, contracts, agreements, procedures, or terms and conditions.

Examples of personal documents:

  • Birth certificates and family register details- Marriage certificates and certificates of no impediment
  • Proof of income, tax payments, etc.
  • Tenancy agreements

We can also provide translation certificates and/or signed and certified copies of translations as needed and are happy to organize notarization if required. If you don’t know what documents are required for a particular procedure or what the rules are regarding translated documents for your particular procedure or country, just let us know and we’ll find out for you.

We speak your language – so don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we can best assist you with document translation.


Standard certificate and personal document translations (such as those listed above) are generally charged at a fixed per page rate starting at ¥7,500/page including tax. There are no additional charges for digital document certification, but additional charges apply for documents which need to be notarized and we ask that our customers pay for postage when a signed hard copy of the translation or a translation certificate is needed.

Non-standard documents such as correspondence, contracts, or information relating to procedures is charged per source word or character and rates will vary depending on the type of document and the content to be translated. Please send us your document(s) and will will let you know how they will be priced.

*If you are serving overseas as a volunteer, missionary, or with a charitable organization, please let us know as you may be eligible for a discount.


We kindly ask that our individual customers make payment up front for personal document translation services via bank transfer before translation commences. Payment can be made in Yen, USD, or NZD. We will provide our account details in both English and Japanese.


Our standard turnaround time for a typical personal document is three working days, counted from the day we receive notification of payment. Please understand that there may be times when we will need a little longer to get your documents back to you; for example, due to workload, busy seasons, or the nature of your document (technical content, etc.). Notarized documents will require a longer turn-around time, and hard copies of documents can be expected to be posted on working day three and arrive on day four.

Urgent translation services may incur a rush charge of up to 50% so if you think you’ll be needing some documents translated soon, get in touch early to minimize both the stress and expense of your paperwork! Certified translated documents can often be used again and again, so getting your most important documents translated ahead of time is also a great way of getting ahead on upcoming paperwork.

What our clients are saying

“They deliver quality work! We’ve used Ruah for all of our adoption paperwork/document needs going from Japanese to English and English to Japanese. They’re super easy to communicate with and always diligently respond to any correspondence. It’s been so great working with them!”

R. Day
Individual client

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