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Business translation and localization services

Tailor-made language solutions: Providing businesses with innovative translation and localization solutions for effective global communication.

If you want to take your product or service overseas or target local clients in their native language, we’ve got your back. We’re all about helping you communicate effectively with your target audience beyond cultural and language barriers, which means we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your foreign language materials accurately reflect your business while being clear, appropriate, and relevant in a different context.

At Ruah Language, our localization services use the Global Communication Method™ to tailor localized materials to communicate effectively to the end user in a way that promotes your specific business goals.

Business translation & Localization services

Do you want to speak your global customers’ languages—and in a way that creates the impression you want, to achieve the results you want? At Ruah Language, we realized standard translation services weren’t enough for most international businesses. Simply changing the language of a document doesn’t guarantee it will communicate as effectively as the original in a global context.

That’s why we developed the Global Communication Method™, a unique model that acts as a framework for effective communication. It defines effective communication in simple, practical terms, and provides a structure based in cognitive psychology to help bridge different communication contexts with your desired outcomes to make planning and executing effective global communication easier, no matter what industry, audience, and media you’re working with.

Our translation and localization packages offer an exceptional level of service across a wide range of price points because we believe every global business should have access to industry-leading translation and localization quality.

If you’re not sure which package best suits your project, feel free to reach out and book a call with our Global Communication Specialist, Emma Kim, who will be more than happy to assist you.

pricing & service packages

AI-assisted localization package

From $1,890 USD
projects OF 15+ pages

Up to 40% more affordable than standard translation pricing

Save with AI-assisted translation while ensuring quality through editing by expert linguists

Pre-purchase and post-delivery clarity calls with an expert

Targeted support maximizes efficiency and minimizes the customer workload

Best for businesses that the best quality within a limited budget

Premium Localization package

FROM $3,250 USD
(Valued at $7,452 USD)
projects of 20+ pages

Done-for-you 100% human translation service delivering exceptional value & ROI

Industry-leading translation quality through collaboration with expert native linguists

All-round support from pre-purchase to post-delivery for the price of translation alone

Targeted support maximizes efficiency and minimizes the customer workload

Best for localizing important materials such as marketing and technical materials where you can’t afford to mess up

simple translation package


Choose between human specialist or AI-assisted translation

Exceptional quality through partnership with expert linguists

Add-on services to suit your project requirements and budget

Best for small jobs that are straightforward and fuss-free

More details of each service package will be coming soon. In the meantime, please use our inquiry form to get more information.

Client testimonial

“Very good translation service. They were very quick to reply when I messaged them. The translated material improved our communications and sales to overseas customers amazingly!”

Brent Trail
Business owner, New Zealand

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